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How To Use NFTs To Sell Products

Have you heard of NFTs?

If not, you’ve either been living under a rock or haven’t been paying attention to current events. But if you’ve seen bored apes and cool cats, those are NFTs – specifically created to sell and make a profit.

But NFTs are more than this.

Check this out.

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NFT Marketing

12 Best Strategies for Your NFT Marketing – 2022 Edition

If you go on Facebook or other social platforms, you’ll always see the talk about NFTs. You might be wondering if NFTs are just a hype or are they going to stay as the Internet did. Well they are the latter.

So you better soak up in NFT Marketing if you don’t wanna get left behind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not all blockchains are created equal. We deploy your NFTs on Polygon, a Layer-2 blockchain with close to zero environment impact. Polygon uses proof-of-stake as a mechanism to validate blocks and therefore is 10 000 times less energy consuming as for example Bitcoin or Ethereum.

When your customers purchase a Limited Edition product on your store, they get an email from us with everything they need to start owning their NFT. We provide them with a lot of supporting material as well to make sure they understand how to use their giveaway!

To make it a seamless experience for you and your customers, we need to deploy cloud infrastructure to handle the creation of the NFT assets, smart contracts as well as interactions with the shopify store. The amount of blockchain transactions increases with the number of NFTs minted for your customers so the price will vary accordingly.

This will have no impact on your operations as our smart contracts are using utilitarian blockchain smart contracts and are not linked to any speculative asset. 

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