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Leverage NFTs for marketing actions within your Shopify store with the NFT Campaigns app.

No subscription fee. Zero-commitment.

9 Million people in the U.S alone purchased or sold an NFT

Let’s cut through the hype

But NFTs go beyond the typical “sell a picture online” experience.

Here’s how you can use the Blockchain to seriously enhance your shop marketing

Empower your customers
with digital ownership

Offer digital assets your customers can truly call their own and prepare the web 3.0 use cases for your customers.

Turn your audience
into your brand ambassadors

Create a NFT community around your brand. They will do some word-of-mouth marketing by sharing and listing their NFTs.

Create a next-Gen
rewards experience

Leverage NFTs to offer unique products or exclusive experiences to your customers.

Who is rectangle.ai for?

Smart NFT marketing solutions for all shops regardless of size

Starting Out

Discover a new way of doing marketing and use our NFT templates to kickstart your journey.

Zero subscription fee


Attract more loyal customers with limited edition NFTs, tokengated online communities, and more.

Zero subscription fee


Expand your business with NFT campaigns. You can quickly launch using our easy-to-use tools embedded in Shopify.

Zero subscription fee


Helping brands fast-forward their Shopify stores into the future



Merch & Collectibles

Luxury Goods

Travel & Hospitality

and more!


Built to help you break
through Web 3.0

NFT Templates

Create one-of-a-kind digital assets based on your listed products that your customers will surely love.

Automated NFT Campaigns

The entire process, from creation, marketing, all the way to distribution is directly embedded within Shopify. You don't need to be an expert al all!

No-BS, purely business

It’s our promise to give you tools for concrete marketing use cases for your shop at a fair price.

Planet-friendly NFT Distribution

We issue your NFTs on Polygon, a blockchain with close to zero environmental impact.


Coupons & Rewards
for NFT Holders

Offer NFTs as access to unique products or exclusive experiences for your shop.


Hands-off Loyalty Programs

Implement for your shop a loyalty web 3.0 based program easily and at reduced costs.

how it works

3 steps away from your first NFT marketing campaign!

No need to understand blockchains, tokengating, or NFT minting.
rectangle.ai is doing all the work for you.

Add the NFT campaigns App to your Shopify Store

Simply install NFT campaigns by rectangle.ai. It's just that easy!

Start your 1st NFT Campaign

Create your own NFTs using our templates and add them to your Shopify store.

Get more loyal customers

Launch the campaign, sit back and enjoy the marketing impact with minimum efforts.

Zero subscription fee. Zero-commitment.


Here’s how your customers can get the NFTs from your Shopify store.


No change at all from your usual check-out experience. Your customers will be able to down-select products with NFTs when it is available.


We will send an email to your customers with info about their NFTs and indications on how to retrieve them properly.


Once indications have been followed by your customers, they can start enjoying their NFTs and list them -if they wish so- to usual NFT marketplaces.

why us?

So you can lead the new age
of e-Commerce seamlessly

No need to understand blockchains, tokengating, or NFT minting.
rectangle.ai is doing all the work for you.

14 day Free Trial. Zero-commitment.

Future-ready marketing done right (and fast)

We have everything you need to unlock a level of brand loyalty you haven’t seen before thanks to NFT marketing.

Foster a shared sense of identity without the guilt

Your customers can enjoy NFT ownership with less carbon footprint. The blockchain we use Polygon has close to zero environmental impact.

Be authentic and bold

Foster brand loyalty fiercely and appeal to new audiences — our NFT campaign tool is the fastest way to do it.

Cutting through the hype

It’s much more than selling pictures online but we can make it as easy as that.

Install NFT Campaigns by rectangle.ai and access NFT marketing tools today.

14 day Free Trial. Zero-commitment.


$0 per month

Only pay for what you use

what's included

Embedded UX in Shopify

Access to Campaigns

Tailored NFT templates based on your existing listed Shopify products

Automatic e-mails sent to your customers to retrieve their NFTs

Close to zero environmental impact

14 day Free Trial. Zero-commitment.

the future is now

Frequently Asked Questions

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are unique digital assets secured on the blockchain. They are ruled by a standardized smart contract (ERC-721) and can therefore be freely traded on online marketplaces such as OpenSea.
NFT marketing is a new subset of digital marketing that emerged at the onset of Web 3.0. The idea is to position your brand and products in customers’ digital wallets and unlock hands-off capabilities such as coupons and loyalty programs. Learn more
No. You can use Rectangle.ai to sell more of your products and services using NFTs. For example, if you have a travel agency, you can use NFT coupons for customers to access exclusive deals.
As with any venture, you should know the risks and challenges of using NFT technology for your business. But with Rectangle.ai, you don’t need to understand the complex world of Crypto, Blockchains, and tokengating. We have you absolutely covered from NFT creation, NFT marketing campaigns, all the way to managing your transactions.
When your customers purchase an NFT from your store, they get an email from us with everything they need to start owning their NFT. We provide them with a lot of supporting material as well to make sure they understand how to use their giveaway!
When you install Rectangle.ai, you can create,manage, and distribute your NFTs. You have access to your own seller dashboard (built for even your non-tech savvy staff), buyer-side platform, NFT templates, NFT coupons & loyalty programs, and more!

App will not be available, they won’t lose anything on their store but they won’t be able to issue campaigns. Customers can keep their NFTs but they won’t be able to gate moving forward. No new campaigns.

To make it a seamless experience for you and your customers, we need to deploy cloud infrastructure to handle the creation of the NFT assets, smart contracts as well as interactions with the Shopify store. This process comes with a cost.

The amount of blockchain transactions increases with the number of NFTs minted for your customers so the price will vary accordingly.

Not all blockchains are created equal. We deploy your NFTs on Polygon, a Layer-2 blockchain with close to zero environment impact. Polygon uses proof-of-stake as a mechanism to validate blocks and therefore consumes 10,000 times less energy than for example Bitcoin or Ethereum.
This will have no impact on your operations as our smart contracts are using a utilitarian blockchain and are not linked to any speculative asset. This means that your money is safe because we won’t expose your NFTs to high-risk and volatile platforms.